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BCSI’s Flexion software is a non-proprietary web service application which is the power behind our NVR products.  BCSI is different from competitors in the industry in that our Flexion software system is an easy to use, non-proprietary web service application with advanced features that increase productivity while lowering client’s total cost of ownership. 

BCSI’s competitive advantages are best summarized into four main points explained below

1) Easy to Use Software
2) Lower Costs
3) Advantage of a Browser Based Application
4) Advanced Features Come Standard

Easy to Use Software
BCSI designed the Flexion web service application for various skill levels of security personnel, with advanced functionality available to utilize whenever you choose to use it. The smooth graphical user interface and systematic navigation were designed for improved user efficiency.  Installation and training is extremely intuitive, with a simple set-up guide that can take as little as 15 minutes to complete depending on how many cameras are to be set-up.  Even software updates and upgrades are easily administered over the Internet by clicking the Update button within the Flexion application. 
The Flexion software is a true web service application with no proprietary software to download.  Users have the freedom to view and manage the Flexion application from any standard web browser or location such as your office laptop, home PC or on the road with your web enabled cell phone.

Lower Costs
BCSI prices it’s NVR products competitively within the marketplace, but the biggest cost savings for clients is our ability to lower the total cost of ownership by providing features and functionality which decrease costs through increased productivity.  Clients can realize significant cost savings by effectively utilizing our advanced features such as Motion Detection and Grid Mask search functionalities, as shown in the example table below.  Using one or more of these search functionalities allows clients to more effectively search video data, decreasing the amount of time spent by security personnel and lowering the cost of false alarms.

Additional cost savings are realized by BCSI’s support of the latest codecs such as MPEG4, providing higher compression and decreasing client’s storage needs.  Free software updates allow clients to benefit from continued software improvements and new features so that your system never becomes End-of-Life.  BCSI’s NVR products are designed to grow with our client’s application needs, allowing the Flexion software to be upgradeable to a larger system within the same product family, so clients can utilize their initial hardware investment and not loose it to vendor lock-in, such is the case with competing systems.  Lastly, clients are able to capitalize on their existing hardware assets with BCSI’s Flexion web service application because it supports many sensory devices such as analog cameras, IP cameras and existing BNC or Ethernet wiring.

Advantages of a Browser Based Application
BCSI’s Flexion software is a non-proprietary web service application which is the power behind our NVR products.  The Flexion software is a web service application installed on every NVR workstation, and is controlled and managed by using any standard web browser.  No proprietary software needs to be installed on a pc to view and manage the system.  This provides clients the freedom to view and manage their NVR system from any standard web browser or location, such as an office laptop, home PC or on the road with a web enabled cell phone.
The web service structure allows clients the option to manage their BCSI NVR systems in both a local stand-alone environment and a networked environment.   BCSI’s SuperClientTM is a network application that provides customers the ability to network together multiple BCSI NVR systems, even from different geographical locations, and manage these systems on a single user interface.  Additional benefits with the Flexion web service application is that software updates are easily administered for each NVR when connected to the Internet.  Also, management of administrative rights such as tiered log-in access is centralized and easier to manage. 

Advanced Features Come Standard
Here are a few of the many advanced features that come standard with BCSI’s Pro and/or Elite NVR products:

  • High powered Intel Core2 Duo is standard on all Pro Edition NVR’s.
  • Continued support for the latest codecs, PTZ and IP cameras.
  • Motion Detection, Time Lapse and Grid Mask search are all features that come standard with the Flexion application.
  • Email notification to specified recipients based on Motion Detection Events, with the e-mail including 5 snapshots of the motion detected event
  • BCSI’s e-mail notification feature for Dynamic IP address customers, alert and update customers when their ISP re-issues a new IP address. 
  • Burn video Events to Local DVD Drive and/or Download to PC over Network
  • Manage and Monitor multiple BCSI systems in multiple locations within one User Interface with BCSI’s SuperClient™ software.


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