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Pro Edition PDF Pro Edition PDF

Pro 800 and Pro 1600

BCSI is a security surveillance software company with solutions that improve security effectiveness while lowering total cost of ownership for companies and governments in the public safety and physical security markets.

BCSI’s Flexion web service application offers the combined functionality of a digital recorder with the intelligence of enterprise software in one Network Video Recorder (NVR).
The Flexion application’s highly intuitive yet sophisticated User Interface allows customers and end-users to navigate, configure, and investigate in the most efficient and effective manner. With a Linux based Operating System and an Intel Core2 Duo, the BCSI Pro Edition provides advanced features and functionality with unlimited scalability for applications of all sizes.
Designed for the security needs of residential, commercial and government facilities, the BCSI Pro Edition delivers high quality video recording, viewing, and storage with up to 16 cameras and 120 Frames Per Second at affordable pricing levels.
Hardware and Software are upgradeable allowing you to maximize your investment as your applications grows.
BCSI offers full remote viewing and control from any networked, web-enable device. The easy-to-use User Interface offers multi-screen playback, DuoView™ - Simultaneous Live and Playback, and advanced search functions by event and object.
PTZ Control, Scheduler, individually configurable motion detection, alarm detection, switch output and audio come standard. Link multiple BCSI systems using SuperClient™ software for one easy-to-use centralized interface.

Product Features

  • Easy to Navigate Software
  • 60 Frames per Second for Pro-800
  • 120 Frames per Second for Pro-1600
  • Rock Solid O/S Stability with
    upgraded RedHat™ Linux O/S
  • HD Storage from 160 to 750 GB
  • Equipped with high powered Intel Core2 Duo processors
  • SSD Flash Memory option for
    Mission Critical Operations
  • Manage through SuperClient™
  • Schedule/ Station Manager
  • Analog and Digital Cameras
  • Up to 4CIF - 640x480 Resolution
  • DuoView™ Multi-screen playback
  • Monitor and Record Simultaneously
  • No proprietary viewer
    software required
  • Motion Detect and Time Lapse
    recording modes
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control Capability
  • Encrypted Digital Signature
  • Alarm notification with snapshots
  • JPEG or MPEG-4 Compression
  • Output: PC Monitor/Television
  • Burn Events to DVD
  • Download Events to PC
  • Event/object search function
  • Remote viewing with any web enabled device
  • Network Statistics/System Log
  • Automatic E-mail notification of dynamic IP address chance
  • Bandwith Throttle
Advanced Features:
  • Freedom to manage BCSI system in both Local (stand-alone) and Networked environment

  • Manage and Monitor multiple BCSI systems/locations within one User Interface, and configure custom pre-sets of desired groups of individual cameras with BCSI’s free downloadable SuperClient™ software

  • Maximize Search capability - Search for video Event files by: Recording Type (Time-lapse, Motion Detect, Both), Day of the week, Time, and Camera. Mask Search – mask specific areas to search through for motion, within a specific camera’s frame of view.

  • E-mail notification can be sent to specified recipients based on a Motion Detect Recording Event – includes 5 snapshots of the Motion Detect Event.

• 8 or 16 video channel recording capability
• Audio recording capability for 1 video channel

• Linux O/S and BCSI software application pre-installed
• Tower and Rack-mount form-factor options
• Keyboard and Mouse included


• Up to 16 cameras
• Pig tail with BNC Connectors
• NTSC or PAL format
• Up to 120 Frames per Second

• QCIF160x120
• 1CIF 320x240
• 4CIF 640x480


• Analog NTSC+ Network Statistics/System Log

• IP/Network


• Programmable Multi-screen options

• 1-16 multiplexed camera view TV-out for spot monitor


• View and Control Locally or via Network


• Alarm display on navigational remote
• E-mail notification of Alarm Event with snapshots attached
• Event of Object search simultaneously across all cameras
• Event Search by camera, date/time
• Object search (Mask) by change in pixels for a selected area by camera, date/time

• Thumbnail (five snapshots) or complete playback options
• Quick search options: 1, 3, 10 minute and 24 hour playback from live camera view
• Export to AVI in MPEG4, MPEG2, JPEG with time/date stamp and digital signature


• RJ-45 GB Ethernet connection
• DHCP – auto configuration enabled optional
• Manual Network configuration optional

• MS Windows NetBEUI broadcasts support for easy addressing by name
• Auto E-mail notice of dynamic IP address change


• I/O board option


• Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 1066 FSB, 4MB, L2 cache

• 300 Watt Power Supply


• Tower form factor (WxDxH): 19”x18.1”7”

• Rack-mount form factor (WxDxH): 19”x17.4”x3.5”


• Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 55°C

• Storage Temperature Range: -20 to +70°C

Number of Equivalent Storage Days-1 camera, 1fps, continuous record
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