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BCSI listens to its customers.  We constantly meet and gather feedback from customers to make sure the continued advancements in our Network Video Recorder (NVR) products and Flexion application include features they both want and can easily use. 
Listed below are a few of the many new product highlights within BCSI’s Pro and Elite NVR editions, including upgrades to the Flexion software.

Rock Solid Software Stability
  ■ Latest Linux OS with Red Hat for rock solid stability
■ Enhanced “heartbeat” system reporting for improved uptime, using SuperClient™
■ Improved “bad camera” identification and notification feature
Best Hardware Components and Options

■ Solid State Drive (SSD) memory option for increased system stability
■ Highest quality brands used for hardware components

New SMART Media Tools that Reduce False Alarms and Provide Proactive Control

■ Maximize Search capability - Search for video Event files by: Recording Type (Time-lapse, Motion Detect, Both), Day of the week, Time, and Camera.  Mask Search – mask specific areas to search through for motion, within a specific camera’s frame of view.
■ Time Lapse and Motion Detect recording can take place simultaneously and independently – allowing customers the ability to maximize their event recording and search capability.

Increased Horsepower for Media Processing

■ Powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor for superior processing, comes standard on the Pro Edition NVR
■ Up to 4 CIF – 640x480 resolution
■ 120 total Frames Per Second for the Pro-1600 with 16 analog cams, & 60 total Frames per Second for the Elite-800 with 8 analog cams
■ Supports up to 8 IP camers
■ BCSI provides you the choice to determine how you utilize your increased performance: increase frame rate per camera and/or add additional IP cameras

Increased Support for Codecs and IP Cameras
  ■ Increased support for codec MPEG4 to increase resolution while decreasing storage space
■ Growing list of IP network cameras supported, included PTZ cameras and audio
■ Easy integration of both analog and IP cameras
View AND Manage multiple system locations over the network with our SuperClient™
  ■ BCSI’s SuperClient Management Software allows users to pool together multiple remote systems and manage from one user interface
■ Choose to view and manage the software from any PC, laptop, Smartphone, cell phone or PDA with internet access and standard web browser
■ Enhanced “heartbeat” system reporting with SuperClient™, alerts you whenever a system on the network goes down
■ Increased number of viewable cameras on SuperClient™
Other Enhanced Benefits
  ■ Up to 1 Terabyte of internal storage, with option for more.
■ Save your protected events on either a DVD-RW, USB Flash, Network folder or external hard drive.
■ Up to 750 GB of internal storage, with option for more.
■ Save your protected events on either a DVD-RW, USB Flash, Network folder or external hard drive.
■ E-mail notification feature for Dynamic IP address customers, alert and update customers when their ISP re-issues a new IP address.
■ Email notification to specified recipients based on Motion Detection Events, with the e-mail including 5 snapshots of the motion detected event


Learn more about BCSI’s NVR Surveillance products by clicking the Surveillance button on the left side navigation above.  You can also learn more about BCSI’s Elite and Pro Editions by clicking the below links.

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Pro Edition Product Page

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